Re[2]: [OpenAFS] found some localhost error msgs

Derrick J Brashear
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 10:41:47 -0400 (EDT)

> I see this pop up in the logs :
> Wed Jul 14 09:16:41 2004 File server starting
> Wed Jul 14 09:16:41 2004 afs_krb_get_lrealm failed, using
> Wed Jul 14 09:16:44 2004 VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed; will retry periodically
> (code=5376, err=2)

the fileserver can't talk to the vlserver. no suggestion, really, unless 
your CellServDB is wrong. The server CellServDB is the one that matters 

> Also, I checked all the CellServDB's and teh /etc/hosts file
> the only loopbachaddress mentioned is in the hosts file for the
> localhost.localdomain localhost line.
> Also, I still have still show up as a server for the new cell I built,
> and the windows client thinks it is the windows machine.

vos changeaddr -remove