Re[4]: [OpenAFS] found some localhost error msgs

Ron Croonenberg
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 11:03:52 CT

>Reply to the list, not to me.

sorry, the list didn't appear in the "send to" list.

>On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Ron Croonenberg wrote:
>> root.afs
>>    RWrite: 536870912     ROnly: 536870913
>>    number of sites -> 3
>>       server partition /vicepa RW Site
>>       server localhost.localdomain partition /vicepa RO Site
>>       server partition /vicepa RO Site

that was what I thought

>> I am correct in thinking that those servers shouldn't be in there ...right ?
>you can try vos changeaddr (that's the name
>of it, right?)

Yes I tried that, but then I get a "index out of range" msg and nothing works.
I uninstalled all rpm's and try to get started from scratch again. (I noticed
that after uninstallin the rpm's   stuff is still around when you try to create

First I tried to just delete the root.afs and root.cell volumes, but apparently
the box is not too happy about that.


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