Re[4]: [OpenAFS] bos server running on ??

Ron Croonenberg
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 11:42:47 CT

Ok, I finally figured it out, I think.

Somehow the localhost got into the VLDB, maybe/probably that was because of the
"misconfigured" /etc/hosts file.

After I managed to get the VLDB fixed (well uhm,  I reinstalled AFS), I could
remove the "" server from the cell in the windows client. (It probably
ended up in there because the cell was "advertising" it.)

looks like it is working now.

On one (seperate, different cell) I create backup volumes of all existing
volumes. These backup volumes I dump to a file. Can I move the files to another
server and then use vos restore to restore the volumes again ?

Do I have to create all the accounts etc first ?  or will vos do that too ?



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