[OpenAFS] Specifying the Volume Servers in a MSI transform

Ayokunle Adedipe adedipe@cede.psu.edu
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:04:51 -0400 (EDT)

Hello OpenAFS Coders and Power Users,

   I would like to first congratulate and thank you for a great product 
and for releasing an MSI version. This will greatly help us and other 
system administrators deploy OpenAFS succesfully through active directory.

   My question lies in how to configure the MSI to include our our AFS 
file servers. We use Installshied AdminStudio to create a transform (.MST) 
that puts the package where we want it, configures the shortcut locations 
and specifies the default cellname (cede.psu.edu). The only setup 
property I didn't see was where to specify the fileservers.  

   I may not need them because our openafs cell is listed in publicy but 
if I do need it any information would be helpful.

Again thanks for the help,

P.S.: Please reply to me in all responses as I am not on the list yet.

Ayokunle Adedipe
Windows System & Network Administrator
Center for Engineering Design and Entrepeneurship
Pennsylvania State University