[OpenAFS] and again .... mountpoints etc...

Ron Croonenberg ronc@DePauw.edu
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:20:45 CT

Ok here's how I can access a volume.

With the OpenAFS client I have to map \afs to a logical drive. (I know it is
called \\AFS, but the client calls it \afs else it won't work).

Ok so let's say, I have a logical drive G in XP.

I can access volumes from "any" afs server by making mountpoints like:

fs mkmount -dir g:\test -vol homestaff.cowboy -cell csc.depauw.edu
(I tried to :
 fs mkmount -dir \\AFS\test -vol homestaff.cowboy -cell csc.depauw.edu  &
 fs mkmount -dir \afs\test -vol homestaff.cowboy -cell csc.depauw.edu
 but that doesn't work.)

I have access to any volume I mount that way (modulo acl's of course), als long
as that logical drive that is mapped to \afs (aka \\AFS) is in the path.

So for example: g:\test has all the stuff from the volume that I mounted and
works like expected.

Now, when I try to mount that same volume using the client, the logical drive
(that's choosen) appears but I "at times" don't have access to the contents of
that volume. While at the same time the same volume mounted on that "root
logical drive" just works)
("at times" :=  I didn't figure it all out, but almost seems it depends on what
server I connect to first and where I get tokens first)

With same results I installed it on another XP machine, and on an "out of the
box" portable with XP)


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