Re[2]: [OpenAFS] finally(?) working mountpoints in windows OpenAFS

Ron Croonenberg
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 13:13:34 CT

>If the possession of tokens causes your AFS servers to no longer respond
>to the client
>AND you are using KFW in conjunction with the client; the most likely
>cause is the
>AFS servers are older than OpenAFS 1.2.8 or are Transarc based.   If the
>servers are not
>OpenAFS 1.2.8 or later, then they will not support the 2b tokens used by
>the AFS for Windows
>client when using Kerberos 5.

One server is version 1.2.8
The one I installed is 1.2.11

I am not using KFW

In the back of my head I still entertain the possibility that the cell that I
installed ( running on, might have a
problem. (I had some trouble installing the rpms on RHEL ES 3)
What puzzles me is why it seems to be working ok with a linux client and why I
have trouble mapping the volumes using the windows client.



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