[OpenAFS] client cache

tjandra@cae.wisc.edu tjandra@cae.wisc.edu
Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:06:58 -0500

Hi all, I installed afs server in linux 7.3 and an afs client in Mandrake 9.2.
I have problem with the client cache. I set the client cache (in
/usr/vice/etc/cacheinfo) to be 50 ( i assume that the client cache is gonna be
50 blocks). I create 10 different files of size 3956 blocks each in server. I
access the first one, there is a miss in the cache for sure. Then I access the
second one ( there is also a "miss" here ). After that I reaccess the first
one, I got a "hit" here ( there is suppoosed to be a "miss" since the cache is
smaller than the second file ).

could someone explain to me what actually happens here?
Do I have to do something more in order to change the client cache size?

thank you, i will really appreciate your help

Tjahjono Tjandra
Comp. Sci. Dept UW-Madison