Re[2]: [OpenAFS] volumes in different cells

Ron Croonenberg
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 19:23:05 EST

>You are not going to like this but ....

nah,  actually I do like it..  means that the server part of it seems to work
and the trouble I have is not located at the server I built a bit ago




>So at the very least the client works with your cells from my machine
>without tokens.

Right, seems like it works
(how did you create the mappings ? using the qui client ?)
I can get it to work like this using the commandlinetools. When I use the
graphical interface it doesn't. Difference is though that I don't have
"something" like \\afs\ but I
end up with something like \\afs\all\

>If you want to create accounts for me on both cells; contact me offline.

I can create accounts if you want. The cell is the one with
the problem. If you want you can use the cowboy account on that one.

How do I contact you offline ?

thanks,  I really appreciate this,

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