[OpenAFS] More then one cell

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Sat, 11 Sep 2004 10:38:48 -0400

Mikkel Kruse Johnsen <mikkel@linet.dk> writes:

> Hi All
> I have been searching the net for weeks now, but I can't find much about
> hosting more than one cell.
> Is it possible to host many cells on the same AFS fileservers ?


> I have one server now (more will come), that is running AFS 1.3.71 and
> have setup one cell, "linet.dk", but I would like to have more cells on
> the server, so friends of mine could have a cell on my server.
> I have looked at the following commands:
> 	bos addhost
> 	bos addkey
> 	bos setcellname
> 	fs newcell
> And all the commands have a option "-cell", so it must be somewhat
> possible to manage more cells, but can they be on the same server !!!

No.  The -cell option is so you can manage a cell that is not
ThisCell.  But one server can only host one cell.  Just like each
client can only be "in" one cell.

> /Mikkel


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