[OpenAFS] newbie admin question

Chris Huebsch chris.huebsch@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Sun, 3 Apr 2005 13:15:37 +0200 (CEST)

On Sun, 3 Apr 2005 jdisher@parad.net wrote:

> What I would like is for all 4 of the data partitions (sfs0:/vicepa, 
> sfs0:/vicepb, sfs1:/vicepa, sfs1:/vicepb) to be part of one distributed afs 
> volume (so I can mount it as, say, /data on my client servers).  I've not 
> found what is needed to add additional partitions to a volume.

An afs-volume lives only in one afs-partition. (Although you can have
copies of that volume on other servers.)
An afs-partition is identical to a filesystem-partition of your OS.
Afs-Partitions cannot span multiple os-partitions or even servers.

With your hardware-configuration, you need to merge all 4 partitions
into one.

On the servers it might be easy (either with your HW-Raids themselves or
with LVM on Server-Side). Be aware that there needs to be a special
compile-time option enabled to support blockdevices larger 2TB.

To merge the partitions accross servers, you could think about
software-iSCSI or the good old network-block-device.

You did not tell us why you need one 4 TB volume. Perhaps you should
think about your volume-policy or consider an other filesystem.


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