[OpenAFS] why did I have to "vos create" twice on new cell setup? root.afs vs root.cell?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:33:23 -0500

Yes, these two ARE "magic" volumes.   The former, root.afs, is what gets
mounted at /afs (unless you're using dynroot).  If ALL your clients
use dynroot then you don't need a root.afs.  However, you still need
a root.cell.  That's what get's mounted at /afs/<cellname>


Quoting Adam Megacz <megacz@cs.berkeley.edu>:

> I took notes last time I set up a cell, and this time I ran through
> them again.  I noticed that I had included the "vos create" command
> twice:
>  vos create $SERVERNAME /vicepa -name root.afs
>  ... other stuff ...
>  vos create $SERVERNAME /vicepa -name root.cell
> (if this isn't enough info let me know and I will post the whole
> command sequence).  This is really strange.  Nothing works without the
> second command (I get the wonderfully descriptive "no such device").
> What is the meaning of "root.afs" and "root.cell"?  Clearly one (or
> both) of these must be a magical/special name -- if I had chosen
> "festering.elephant" and "concrete.pants" as the arguments to "-name"
> I bet this wouldn't have worked, right?
> If so, can anybody point me to the documentation that explains which
> volume names are "special" and what they mean?
>  - a
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