[OpenAFS] Re: Trouble setting up first server on FreeBSD 6.0 (fwd)

Karsten Thygesen karthy-2004@karthy.net
Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:23:14 +0100

Tony Shadwick - OSS Solutions wrote:
> That has been the "correct" procedure according to the documentation
> dating back to FreeBSD 4.6 (that's the furthest back I have the
> handbook.) :)
> Need to ease up the tone, not starting conflict, I really really really
> want this to work and work well on FreeBSD, perhaps overly enthusiastic
> is the right term.

I'm in the same situation - I also have a mix of server and client
architectures and FreeBSD (6.0) is the preferred platform for most
things now. This is the showstopper for rolling out OpenAFS in my

It is really a shame, that OpenAFS have no support (and almost no
interrest) for FreeBSD, but I guess it is driven by the market.

Anyway - just wanted to raise the flag - I would be happy to participate
actively in porting OpenAFS to FreeBSD, but I can not carry the task alone.