[OpenAFS] physical location of data

rc647bob@netscape.net rc647bob@netscape.net
Wed, 04 May 2005 09:52:42 -0400

1. i've created an added server.
fs lsmount -dir /afs/.computer-lab.edu/added-afs
'/afs/.computer-lab.edu/added-afs' is a mount point for volume '#536871114'
2. i've created a file name "test-01" in the directory added-afs
fs whereis /afs/.computer-lab.edu/added-afs/test-01
File /afs/.computer-lab.edu/added-afs/test-01 is on host added.edu
3. then i physically searched (using the win2k search program) for the file "test-01" on the server named "added", but couldn't find it.

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