[OpenAFS] afs:// url?

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Thu, 19 May 2005 09:56:24 +0100

Hello Adam,

I always use: file:///afs/@cell/$whatever

IMHO, this is precise. AFS is a distributed _file_ system.
I also like how the ACLs work just like we would expect in a shell.

If you haven't klog'ed then you only get system:anyuser access.
Paul Blackburn

Adam Megacz wrote:
> Is there any standard for an afs:// url format?
> Yes, I realize that file:/afs/... "works".  But with the rapid growth
> that AFS has seen recently due to OpenAFS, I can forsee a near future
> where a userspace-only minimal (non-authenticating?) AFS client gets
> bundled into a web browser (say, firefox) or into the various url
> libraries (libcurl, etc).
> A distinction between file:// and afs:// would be necessary in such
> situations.  An in-kernel client is the ideal solution, but userspace
> implementations will need to arise for those people who are on an
> unsupported platform, don't have root on their machine, or aren't
> sophisticated enough for the (still fairly complex) process of setting
> up an AFS client.
>   - a
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