[OpenAFS] Tell me what additional AFS tool to release

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Tue, 24 May 2005 11:49:00 -0700

Hello folks,

I'm going to be giving my AFS tools presentation at the AFS and Kerberos
workshop again this year.  You can see the slides from last year, which I
haven't had a chance to update yet, at:


New from last year, I've since made available the documentation and
scripts for our AFS reporting database and our overkill server balancing
method at:



I expect to have time before the workshop to polish up, document, release,
and mention in the talk ONE of the following tools that we're currently
using at Stanford but that I've not yet had a chance to release.  If you
have any preferences on which you'd most like to see, now's your chance.
Please mail me directly (no need to clutter the list) with your preference
or list of preferences, and I'll make my best effort to get the most
popular one out before the workshop.

Here's the list:

 * remctl backend for delegated volume creation, deletion, release, and
   quota changes.

 * Reporting software that gathers the list of AFS clients that have been
   seen by the file servers regularly and then generates reports for
   both the number of clients (by IP address block) seen in the past month
   and a simple report suitable for a web page showing the number of
   current connections to all of the file servers.  For an example of the
   latter, see <http://afs.stanford.edu/sysadmin/cellinfo/clients.html>.

 * A script to generate a graph of current disk utilization on all of
   one's AFS servers.  For an example of the output, see

 * The software that we use to maintain link trees and manage installation
   of software in AFS for multiple platforms, including maintaining a
   text database of installed software suitable for user queries and
   freezing a platform when support is being retired.

 * A set of scripts that act on cached vos listvol and listvldb output and
   generate volume lists, sets of volumes that fit into particular size
   constraints, and a few other random things.  This is what we used
   before the AFS reporting database, and I still use it occasionally.

 * A set of simple scripts for doing ACL manipulations, including copying
   the ACLs of a directory tree into another matching directory tree,
   searching for particular ACLs recursively through AFS, filtering ACL
   changes out of frak output, and resetting ACLs based on frak output.

I think that's most of the AFS bits that I haven't released yet that may
be of general interest and aren't too closely tied to some other homegrown

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