[OpenAFS] Current State of Web Front-Ends for AFS...

Craig Huckabee huck@spawar.navy.mil
Wed, 25 May 2005 12:36:05 -0400

Stephen Joyce wrote:
> I didn't see any method of PAG implementation in the source either, but I'm
> just beginning to read up on DAV, so perhaps it has some other way of
> dealing with that particular problem (or I'm thinking of a problem that
> wouldn't really exist).

IIRC, Apache-AuthKrb5Afs calls aklog with a '-setpag'

> Can anyone comment more constructively on Joshua's question: Are there any
> solutions that are more complete than the piecemeal options above (for the
> sysadmin with almost no time and even less money)?

I'm testing a locally modified mod_auth_kerb that gets tokens/sets a PAG 
for WebDAV access.  The changes to mod_auth_kerb were based on the same 
AFS features implemented in Daniel Kouril's mod_auth_gss_krb5 module.
I'd like get the changes back into the main source tree once we're done.

No ACL support yet - but I could see where you could toss that in as 
part of the WebDAV handler.


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