[OpenAFS] dynroot and localcell

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Fri, 04 Nov 2005 10:19:13 -0800

Carson Gaspar <carson@taltos.org> writes:

> First off, am I blind, or is there almost no documentation on dynroot? 
> The afsd manpage doesn't even admit that the option exists.

The afsd manpage doesn't admit that lots of things exist; it's hopelessly
out of date.  I'm working on fixing that.  -dynroot is one of those things
that was added after the documentation mostly stopped changing.  We have a
lot of catch-up to do.

> Secondly, is it intentional that localcell/.localcell are missing when
> using dynroot? This lack makes the feature useless from my point of
> view, as we really need to be able to symlink/automount to the same path
> globally. I'd really like the machines to not hang at boot if the
> network is b0rked...

Create a file called CellAlias in /usr/vice/etc or wherever you put your
OpenAFS configuration files and put into it something like:

    localcell.example.com localcell

where the first is the full name of your cell and the second is the alias
you want to use for it.  You don't have to list the rw form separately; it
takes care of that.

Yes, that file isn't documented either.  :)  Although there is a sample in
the doc tree in the source tarballs.

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