[OpenAFS] afs vs nfs

Noel Yap noel.yap@gmail.com
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 07:55:19 -0800

Sorry, I didn't mean to start a religious war over this.

I'm sure both AFS and NFS have both strong and weak points (indeed, I
believe both can coexist within a company) and just wanted to get an
up-to-date bullet point comparison.  It seems none exist so, starting
with the older existing ones, the input I've gathered from this thread
(thanks to Horst Birthelmer and Joe Buehler), and the various
propaganda available, I'll compile my own.


On 11/22/05, Jim Rees <rees@umich.edu> wrote:
>   Hummingbird does not give it away for free nor does it come integrated
>   as part of the operating system.
> Microsoft Windows is not free, and OpenAFS is not part of the Microsoft
> Windows operating system.
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