[OpenAFS] idiotic openafs on OS X question

Keith Johnston keith@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:05:02 +1300

Hi Coy;
	If I want to find out where a package puts it's files I use an 
application called OSX Package Manager from osxgnu.org it is quite old 
but still worked when I used it on my test 10.4 box it can make, 
install and delete packages.
	Much of the stuff installed by openafs is either in /Library/OpenAFS 
or /private/var/db/openafs. There is also startup items in 
Library/StartupItems and some links and executables in /usr/bin and 
/usr/sbin plus there is also a package receipt in /Library/Receipts.
	I think if you want to upgrade the package you just install the new 
one over the top of the existing  one, I am not aware of a need to 
remove the old one first:-). I have used OSPM to remove this and other 
packages and it seems to do the job.


On 9/10/2005, at 5:56 PM, Coy Hile wrote:

> Okay, this is a *really* stupid question, but I cannot think of an 
> answer.
> I've done a 'sudo make package' when building various releases on OS X 
> to
> create OpenAFS.pkg then install that using the builtin installer 
> mechanism.
> My question is this.  For those of you running with OS X cliens, how 
> do you
> easily upgrade/uninstall the OS X clients?   When an app puts all its 
> stuff
> in one folder, simply nuking that folder removes it, but the OpenAFS 
> install
> appears to put things in multiple (at least two that I can find) places
> on disk.
> Again, apols for the newbie question.
> -- 
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