[OpenAFS] Re: Undelete support feedback request

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Thu, 07 Dec 2006 17:38:07 -0500

Sidney Cammeresi <sac@cheesecake.org> posted the VMS way.

Not that I'm advocating this is the right way (let alone
have code that implements this), but here's how the same
things could look in Unix:

$ ls -F
$ ls foo.txt/*
foo.txt/1  foo.txt/2  foo.txt/3  foo.txt/4  foo.txt/5
$ fs purge foo.txt -keep 3
$ fs set_version_limit 3 foo.txt
$ ls foo.txt/*
foo.txt/3  foo.txt/4  foo.txt/5
$ echo hi >>foo.txt
$ ls foo.txt/*
foo.txt/4  foo.txt/5  foo.txt/6
$ rm foo.txt
$ ls foo.txt
$ ls foo.txt/*
foo.txt/4  foo.txt/5
$ rm foo.txt/*
$ ls foo.txt
ls: foo.txt: No such file or directory

At least there's no upper-case this way.