[OpenAFS] ext_svrtab?

Pucky Loucks ploucks@h2st.com
Thu, 16 Feb 2006 12:14:16 -0800

Hi Brandon,

how do I extract the service key from kadmin so that I can add it to  
AFS?  The only documentation that I could find is so old, that I'm  
kind of lost.


What I'm trying to do is replace kaserver with MIT Kerberos. Do you  
know of more up to date info on this topic?  I also have the book  
Managing AFS and all it has are 5 points on how to do it.

1)stop kaserver
2) create principal called afs
3) use ext_srvtab to extract the AFS service key
4) use asetkey to install this extracted service into AFS's keyfile
5) put the MIT kerberos REALM name into the afs configuration file / 

That's it, but I'm not having any luck with step 3.

any help would be great.


On 16-Feb-06, at 11:59 AM, Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:

> On Feb 16, 2006, at 2:56 , Pucky Loucks wrote:
>> I can't find this program anywhere, can someone point me in the  
>> right direction?  I'm implementing MIT Kerberos in my Cell and  
>> need to export the Key from MIT into AFS.
> It's not a program, it's a command within kadmin.
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