[OpenAFS] VOS commands

Kim Kimball kim.kimball@jpl.nasa.gov
Tue, 07 Feb 2006 10:23:43 -0700

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Juha J=E4ykk=E4 wrote:
>> The situation is this:
>> RW version of volume X on volume server A
>> RO versions of X on servers A (on same partition as RW copy) and B
>> Now users' $HOME is, of course, the RW version (/afs/blablabla/.userna=
>> and programs using $HOME will complain when A disappears. Those
>> accessing the undotted version on the lost server should - to my
>> understanding - move over to using server B in a few minutes after A i=
>> lost, but they do not. Why is this?
> As soon as the client comes across a RW volume the path will be a RW
> path.  Therefore the clients will not switch.   Are you sure your
> clients are really using RO versions of the volume?

> Jeffrey Altman

If a replicated volume is mounted with -rw -- this forces the client=20
onto the RW path even though the volume is replicated:  use "fs lsm=20
<mountpoint>" to check mountpoints.  If mount point output begins with=20
"%" the mount point is -rw

Traverse the entire path, from /afs down, issuing "fs lq" at each=20
directory node.  This returns the name of the volume.  Should be=20
<volumename>.readonly until an unreplicated volume is reached.

The convention you're using is atypical -- are your user volumes replicat=