[OpenAFS] VOS commands

Kim Kimball kim.kimball@jpl.nasa.gov
Wed, 08 Feb 2006 09:53:58 -0700

Juha J=E4ykk=E4 wrote:
>> As soon as the client comes across a RW volume the path will be a RW
>> path.  Therefore the clients will not switch.   Are you sure your
>> clients are really using RO versions of the volume?
> Yes, I understand this. This is why I wrote "Now users' $HOME is, of
> course, the RW version (/afs/blablabla/.username) and programs using $H=
> will complain when A disappears."=20
> What we exactly did was this. We simulated a crashed host by unplugging
> the ethernet cable of A (housing RW and RO of everything) so only B
> (housing another RO copies) and C (with no volumes) were available. Aft=
> that, all RW paths became inaccessible, as they should.
> We came about implementing AFS for precisely the reason that losing use=
> home dirs in case of a crashed file server is something we want to avoi=
> Obviously we'll lose the ability to write to home dirs, but that is jus=
> an inconveniency: users are able to get things done by reading the file=
> off the RO replica and temporarily writing their files to local discs.
> Should this work? We tried accessing the RO replica with "ls -l
> /afs/tfy.utu.fi/home/username", but got nothing back. This does, howeve=
> work if we remove the replica from A and only have one RO replica at B.=
> even tried fs flushmount and flushvolume before the ls.

You may also want to try "fs checkv" where you're doing the flushes


> -Juha