[OpenAFS] VOS commands

Horst Birthelmer horst@riback.net
Tue, 7 Feb 2006 16:22:17 +0100

On Feb 7, 2006, at 2:58 PM, Juha J=E4ykk=E4 wrote:
> We have the same setup, but it does not quite work as we supposed it
> would. We thought that anything accessing the RO version would
> automatically switch over to the other copy whenever to one it is
> currently accessing drops out of the network, but it does not seem =20
> to do
> so. Perhaps there is a misconfiguration somewhere?
> The situation is this:
> RW version of volume X on volume server A
> RO versions of X on servers A (on same partition as RW copy) and B
> Now users' $HOME is, of course, the RW version (/afs/=20
> blablabla/.username)
> and programs using $HOME will complain when A disappears. Those
> accessing the undotted version on the lost server should - to my
> understanding - move over to using server B in a few minutes after =20
> A is
> lost, but they do not. Why is this?

The client never switches from an RW volume to the RO copy.
If you mounted the home dir with -rw, which you should and I'm sure =20
you did, your client will never switch to any other replica.

The replication is for read only data only, remember? ;-)