[OpenAFS] Re: what is "status: 11862790" (Tiger, rc8) [please ignore all DNS from Tuesday morning]

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Tue, 28 Feb 2006 20:26:22 +0000

One of our buildings flooded last night and the department's network
has been going crazy all morning.... the results you got may have been
strictly a result of that wierdness; I've been experiencing this on
and off for a few days now.  Do you think you could try your queries

Right now from my DSL line at home (ie off campus), I get:

  research.cs.berkeley.edu. 86400 IN      AFSDB   1 afs.research.cs.berkeley.EDU.
  afs.research.cs.berkeley.edu. 86400 IN  CNAME   research.cs.berkeley.edu.
  research.cs.berkeley.edu. 86386 IN      A

Thanks a bunch for your help with this!  If there's any debugging or
instrumentation I can add to get more data on this, please let me know.

  - a

Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> writes:
> Adam Megacz <megacz@cs.berkeley.edu> writes:
>> Well, there's only one level of indirection (AFSDB->CNAME->A).  Also,
>> the AFSDB->CNAME question was raised here and it seems like it's
>> permissible:
>>   https://www.openafs.org/pipermail/openafs-info/2005-December/020609.html
>> Also, I should add, this problem only occurs sporadically -- most of
>> the time it works.  It's just every once in a while I get this weird
>> error.  But when it happens it's rather stubborn (sometimes even
>> reboots don't change things).
> Maybe I'm missing something, but this looks really strange:
> ;research.cs.berkeley.edu.      IN      ANY
> research.cs.berkeley.edu. 86371 IN      AFSDB   1 afs.research.CS.Berkeley.EDU.
> CS.Berkeley.EDU.        7327    IN      NS      ns.CS.Berkeley.EDU.
> CS.Berkeley.EDU.        7327    IN      NS      ns.EECS.Berkeley.EDU.
> CS.Berkeley.EDU.        7327    IN      NS      cgl.UCSF.EDU.
> CS.Berkeley.EDU.        7327    IN      NS      adns1.Berkeley.EDU.
> CS.Berkeley.EDU.        7327    IN      NS      adns2.Berkeley.EDU.
> CS.Berkeley.EDU.        7327    IN      NS      vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU.
> ;afs.research.cs.berkeley.edu.  IN      ANY
> afs.research.cs.berkeley.edu. 86382 IN  CNAME   research.cs.berkeley.edu.
> cs.berkeley.edu.        7319    IN      NS      vangogh.cs.berkeley.edu.
> cs.berkeley.edu.        7319    IN      NS      ns.cs.berkeley.edu.
> cs.berkeley.edu.        7319    IN      NS      ns.EECS.berkeley.edu.
> cs.berkeley.edu.        7319    IN      NS      cgl.UCSF.edu.
> cs.berkeley.edu.        7319    IN      NS      adns1.berkeley.edu.
> cs.berkeley.edu.        7319    IN      NS      adns2.berkeley.edu.
> That seems to say that you have an AFSDB record for
> research.cs.berkeley.edu pointing to afs.research.cs.berkeley.edu, which
> is a CNAME for research.cs.berkeley.edu, which has no records other than
> the AFSDB record.  This is against our local caching BIND server.
> However, when I do that query directly against the listed NS servers, I
> get the right results (an additional A and MX record for
> research.cs.berkeley.edu).
> It's smelling like you have a lame DNS server somewhere, or a lack of
> glue, or some other DNS problem that's causing intermittant failures.
> -- 
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