[OpenAFS] Re: what is "status: 11862790" (Tiger, rc8)

Ken Hornstein kenh@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:10:41 -0500

>That seems to say that you have an AFSDB record for
>research.cs.berkeley.edu pointing to afs.research.cs.berkeley.edu, which
>is a CNAME for research.cs.berkeley.edu, which has no records other than
>the AFSDB record.  This is against our local caching BIND server.
>However, when I do that query directly against the listed NS servers, I
>get the right results (an additional A and MX record for

It's not clear to me how querying ANY is supposed to work, especially
when related to caching.  When I first did ANY against our local
caching DNS server for research.cs.berkeley.edu, I got only the AFSDB
record (maybe because I queried the AFSDB entry before).  When I
specifically queried the A record, I got the A record.  When I then
queried ANY again, I got both the AFSDB and the A record.  I haven't
been able to convince myself that their DNS is wrong, but it could be
something related to that.