[OpenAFS] Problem deleting symlinks

Alex Jelinek pillager@gmail.com
Wed, 25 Jan 2006 17:31:40 -0800

I'm trying to get rid of bad symlinks but am unsuccessful.  I have a 
script that creates symlink commands like this:
    $ pushd '/afs/cellname/home/myUserID/proj/' && symlink make -name 
'mySymLink' -to '/afs/cellname/path/to/files/'

However, sometimes these commands fail... like today ;)    This does not 
work to remove them:
    $ rm mySymLink

Two scenarios encountered:
1. Sometimes the symlink is created & is to a non-existent dir/volume so 
it's bad.  But a command like "dir" (win) or "ls -al" (*nix) shows it is 
there.  However, I can't delete it as mentioned above.
2. Other times the symlink command seems to fail but a "dir" does NOT 
show the symlink name in the directory either.  But it seems to be there 
because when I try to re-run the symlink command above I get this error:
    $ pushd '/afs/cellname/home/myUserID/proj/' && symlink make -name 
'mySymLink' -to '/afs/cellname/path/to/files/'
          symlink:'mySymLink': code 0x11

But on the command line if I try to remove the link from above I get
    $ rm 'mySymLink'
           rm: cannot remove `mySymLink': No such file or directory

Any ideas???  What command can I successfully use in both linux and 
cygwin (on windows)?

Thanks in advance,