[OpenAFS] Resizing an ext2-partition on linux

Kai Moritz kai.m.moritz@gmx.de
Sat, 18 Nov 2006 09:50:04 +0100

Hi folks!

My /vicepa lifes on an ext2-formatted lvm-partition. Now I have to 
resize it. Normally I would call "fsck.ext2 -f" on the partition 
(because resize2fs requires it), enlarge the lvm-partition and call 
resize2fs. But the AFS Administration-Guide said, that I have to use a 
special AFS-version of fsck. Unfortunatly I can't find that binary in my 
hand-compiled debian-package (I just grabbed the source-packages for 
1.4.1 from Ubuntu Edgy and compiled them for Debian sarge). I can't find 
it (or it's source-code) in the openafs-1.4.1 source-directory either.

Greetings Kai Moritz