[OpenAFS] Backup AFS with BackupPC?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Sun, 08 Oct 2006 19:00:01 -0700

seth vidal <skvidal@linux.duke.edu> writes:

> I'd like to hear what internal mechanisms people are doing to backup
> afs. It seems like everyone has their own special system to backup afs.
> I'm curious about why that's so and why none of the major open source
> backup software has support for afs.

I thought Amanda did have some support, and there have certainly been
discussions of adding support to Bacula.  However, I think that the Amanda
support wasn't beyond the dump level.

> When I looked at the ones available (both open source and closed) I was
> woefully unimpressed. Many of them seemed fragile or problem-prone.

> Specifically I'm interested in how many of them can do:
>  - volumeset backups or backup by wildcarded volume/partion names
>  - full volume restores
>  - directory restores preserving acls
>  - individual file restores
>  - incremental backups
>  - backups spanning tapes
>  - 100+GB volume backups and restores

Yeah, I think Teradactyl might do that for you and that's about it.  TSM
used to, but they dropped AFS file backup support.

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