[OpenAFS] Moving volumes

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Thu, 12 Oct 2006 17:29:15 -0400

Jeffrey Hutzelman <jhutz@cmu.edu> had flamed:
> On Thursday, October 12, 2006 04:47:39 PM -0400 Sanjay Dharmavaram 
> <sd282@cornell.edu> wrote:
> >     I am installing a new AFS server on my network which already has
> > anAFS server running. The aim is to replace the already running server
> > with the new one. Is there anyway I can copy volumes and user accounts
> > from the old server onto the new server? (I would prefer copying instead
> > of moving so that I don't lose data if I screw up).
> ... That being the same question you asked 2 days, 45 minutes, and 32 
> seconds earlier.  Russ Allbery answered the question when you asked it the 
> first time; what makes you think posting it again is going to produce a 
> different answer?

... which is not an unreasonable flame.  It's not reasonable to expect
an improved answer without providing feedback as to why the original
answer wasn't what was desired.  Even a "I never got anything back"
addendum would have been nice.

At an off-hand guess, I'm supposing that the original correspondent
might not actually be a member of the mailing list, so might not have
seen the reply.  This is a "self-help" mailing list, not a vendor
contact point.  Folks who want help should join and participate to get
the best benefit with the least sizzle and searing.

Here's what Russ actually said:
> Well, normally you just use vos move to move all the volumes from one file
> server to the other.  But the way in which you're asking the question
> makes me think that there may be some deeper misunderstandings.
> AFS volumes should live in only one place (except for read-only replicas),
> so you probably don't want to try to copy one volume to multiple servers
> at the same time unless you have very special needs.

which I'm guessing the original correspondent might not have found completely
helpful in any case.  Useful information that might enable others to give
more useful answers would include:
	is this an AFS *file server*
	is this an AFS *db server*
	is this a kerberos KDC?
(these answers are not mutually exclusive).
	will the new machine have the same IP address?
	what hardware architecture do the old & new machines have?
	what os & afs version is installed on both?
	is it possible to run both machines in parallel?
	how is the data on the old machine being backed up?
	are there other db or fileservers or kdcs in the cell?
	how many client machines use this cell?
	do regular users log into your "afs server"?
	what do you actually mean by a "user account" anyways?
	is this cell public (ie, cellservdb entry published world-wide)
		or is it private (ie, not used or accessible by anybody
		outside the local organization.)
	how many users, volumes, files, and how much filespace?
	is this a 7/24 high availability type operation or is the
		environment idle nights and weekends?