[OpenAFS] Server IP address in VLDB changing automatically through server restart

Stefaan stefaan.deroeck@gmail.com
Fri, 20 Oct 2006 23:49:11 +0200


I have a server that, when restarted, gets all its entries in the VLDB
changed to one of its others IP's.  The one I want to use is internal
to my own network (172.16....), the one it changes to automatically
through a server restart is the "public" one (on the university
network, with firewalling beyond my control).  I do a "vos changeaddr"
to change my VLDB back to how I need it to be, but this only lasts
until the next restart.
I have other servers in a similar setup, but strangely enough this is
the only one with this behaviour. Is there any pointer that could help
me pinpoint the problem?

All servers I was talking about are running openafs 1.4.2.