[OpenAFS] 1.4.2 fileserver keep getting large number of blocked connections

Todd M. Lewis Todd_Lewis@unc.edu
Wed, 01 Aug 2007 07:51:20 -0400

Is there a way to tell the fileservers not to talk to clients below a 
certain rev, or only allow reads? That should encourage them to upgrade. 
Or leave. Not nice maybe, but if old clients can DoS your servers...

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Matthew Cocker wrote:
>> I wish. I still have people using 1.3.64. They refuse to upgrade despite
>> my efforts to show them the benefits of the upgrade. Alot of people on
>> campus feel that the new clients are not as stable as the old ones.
>> Probably because they all have the same uuid.
> 1.3.64 clients will take down your file servers having nothing to do
> with multiple uuids.  Clients older than 1.3.80 have a bug the generates
> a new rx connection per authenticated request.  Client's older than
> 1.3.80 do not support UUIDs.
> 1.4.1 or later will prevent the cloning of UUIDs.
> 1.5.12 or later use a CIFS server implementation that passes Microsoft's
> protocol tests.
> 1.5.21 is current.
> If your users have stability problems, then should file bug reports.
> Otherwise, we won't know there are issues that need to be fixed.