[OpenAFS] bos restricted mode

jaltman@columbia.edu jaltman@columbia.edu
Sat, 11 Aug 2007 20:16:52 -0400

Quoting "Christopher D. Clausen" <cclausen@acm.org>:
> What about other commands only enabled with specific compile time
> options such as bos setrestricted?  Is there any reason to
> require the
> compile time --enable-bos-restricted-mode to enable this
> functionality
> in the bos command itself?  Or for that matter, is there any
> reason to
> not always enable it in the bosserver itself?  Restricted mode is
> not
> enabled by default, so always having support for it compiled in
> would
> not seem to cause any problems.
> Reference:
> <<CDC

I would have no problem with this change either provided that the
code correctness is either obvious or there has been sufficient use
in production.

Jeffrey Altman