[OpenAFS] OpenAFS for Windows - August 2007 Status Report

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Mon, 13 Aug 2007 15:06:49 -0400

The OpenAFS for Windows August 2007 Status Report and updated
development road map is now available:


The status report includes the most recent mock-ups which are also
published at


The OpenAFS for Windows client since the 1.5.18 release has been updated
to enhance performance by:

 *  being more efficient searching for objects
 *  recycling objects using algorithms that are more likely to
    leave useful data data in the cache
 *  reducing the number of times data must be re-read from the
    file server
 *  reducing the amount of data that must be written to the
    file server

There have also been changes to support scalability with the goal of
being able to support caches that store data from thousands of cells,
volumes, status entries, and six terabytes of data.  (6TB data caches
will require 64-bit Windows.)

The most important performance issue facing the Windows client at the
moment is the inability to perform searches of AFS directories when
there are negative results.  This is a serious problem when search paths
are involved.  For example, during a build more time is spent searching
for header files and libraries that is spent compiling and linking the
object files.  Luckily funding is available to implement local case
insensitive B+ trees which will significantly reduce the clock time cost
of negative directory search operations.

For the complete list of changes since the 1.2 release see:

and of course be sure to read the Release Notes:


As always I encourage all organizations and individuals who wish to
support the development of OpenAFS for Windows to contact the
gatekeepers.  Financial contributions as well as in kind assistance are
necessary to ensure that proposed enhancements are implemented. Tax
deductible donations may be made via the OpenAFS account operated by
Usenix (a 501c3 not for profit corporation.)

Jeffrey Altman
OpenAFS for Windows Gatekeeper