[OpenAFS] cache problems in cluster environment

Thomas Sesselmann thomas.sesselmann@kip.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:53:53 +0200

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Jeffrey Altman schrieb:
> Thomas Sesselmann wrote:
>> I found the potential issue, i think.
>> The UUID for the client (cache manager) isn't calculated:
>> 'cmdebug <client> -addr' shows:
>> UUID: 00000000-0000-0000-00-00-000000000000
>> Host interfaces:
>> Capabilities:
>> Error Translation
> This means that the client did not have an IP address at the
> time the AFS client started.

So it is a workaround to restart the client or start client later ...

nice :)

> A fix is committed to the repository that will ensure that
> a UUID is generated when the client obtains an IP address.
> This fix will be included in 1.4.5.


thanks for the fast answer :)

Thomas Sesselmann

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