[OpenAFS] Speed issue with openafs server

Emmanuel Vadot elbarto@staff.epita.fr
Fri, 31 Aug 2007 16:28:19 +0200

 Hello all,

 I've a speed issue with my server.
 I've 7 afs server, all with fileserver, ptserver, volserver, buserver 
and vlserver running.
 Servers are all running on NetBSD 3.1 with openafs-1.4.4.
 I ran my test on windows with the last version of openafs-win32 (1.5.2300).

 I launch a copy on over 150 client of a 100MB file (the same for all 
 Of course the copy is a little bit slow and it's normal but while 
browsing the afs it's really slow.
 A simple "ls -l" in /afs/epitech.net (my cell) takes about 30sec or 
even more, a simple ls is

 On all my server I've a normal load with no process which take lots of 
cpu except for
 the one who's containing the data (the 100Mo file) who has the 
fileserver process at ~ 65% of cpu.
 Did someone have a little idea of why the browsing is really slow even 
on a volume on a different
 server ?

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