[OpenAFS] problem with 1.4.5 and Leopard

Sergio Gelato Sergio.Gelato@astro.su.se
Sat, 8 Dec 2007 18:42:43 +0100

* Alberto Paoluzzi [2007-12-07 06:48:12 +0100]:
> In the past few weeks I disintalled openafs from the newbie leopard,  
> due to high instability of my laptop;
> Yetsrday I reinstalled it, getting this error:
> Starting OpenAFS
> Loading AFS kernel extensions
> kextload: extension /var/db/openafs/etc/afs.kext is already loaded
> Starting afsd
> /Library/StartupItems/OpenAFS/OpenAFS: line 41:  1158 Bus  
> error               $AFSD $OPTIONS
> Any idea?

We've seen this as well, on a G5 that was upgraded directly from 10.3
(and OpenAFS 1.4.1). AFS *did* work after the upgrade, then broke.
A look at /Library/Receipts reveals that the CHUD package was installed,
and since that loads a few kernel extensions (com.apple.iokit.CHUDKernLib, 
com.apple.iokit.CHUDProf, com.apple.iokit.CHUDUtils) it's a rather obvious 

What does kextstat print out on your system?