[OpenAFS] MSI customization question

Christian Ospelkaus christian@core-coutainville.org
Thu, 8 Feb 2007 03:03:33 +0100

Hello list,

I am trying to customize the MSI for our local setup. In particular, I am 
trying to customize the CellServDB. I have gone through the release notes, 
installed ORCA.EXE, opened a copy of the original MSI in ORCA and followed 
the steps outlined in the release notes. Now this is my first contact with 
Windows Installer related issues, and I cannot really understand how in the 
end I will put the actual new CellServDB into the modified MSI. This must be 
a really dumb question; sorry. It must somehow have to do with the Media 
table. Maybe someone on this list can give me a hint. Thank you very much,