[OpenAFS] a noobs question and problems on a new cell

Adnoh adnoh@users.sourceforge.net
Fri, 4 May 2007 11:34:36 -0700 (PDT)

ok, I try to explain.

we have several districts connected to our headquarter over a vpn.
In every district we have ~50-150 windows-clients and a samba server ( all
authenticating against a Win2003 Server with ADS)
for their filestorage with an usb-hdd attached for backup purpose.
In our headquarter we would have enough space to hold all the company data
and backup.
so i would have something like
where every district has it's own data folder and one volume where all the
districts work together in.
the backup should be done on a central place (our headquarter).

so if somebody can explain me how you would build this scenario it would be
really great for me to get started ;-)))


Jason Edgecombe-3 wrote:
> Adnoh wrote:
>> hello @all
>> maybe stupid question but I don't know it :-)
>> i have two fileservers connected over a 2 mbit vpn (fs1 with rw-volume
>> and
>> fs2 with a ro-instance) and mounted that on /afs/domain/vol
>> can I settup this that way:
>> my users on fs1 work with /afs/domain/vol - rw + ro - thats clear to me.
>> when my users on fs2 read a file it should be taken from the ro-instance
>> on
>> the internal harddrive and if they change anything it is written to
>> fs1-rw-instance !? on my try i get only the error "readonly filesystem"
>> can this be done or do i have to setup a mountpoint /afs/domain/.vol
>> (-rw)
>> and point the users to that directory !?
>> thanks for any responses to help me getting started
> The typical scenario is as follows:
> /afs/domain/volume is the read-only copy if it exists.
> /afs/.domain/volume is always the read-write copy. <-- note the 
> /afs/<dot>domain This is referred to at the "dotted" path.
> writing to the read-only path of /afs/domain/volume will get the error 
> "read-only filesystem". To write, you must use the path
> /afs/.domain/volume
> If you are doing lots of writes, then having the volume replicated may 
> not be the best thing.
> What is the usage model for this volume?
> Jason
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