[OpenAFS] a noobs question and problems on a new cell

anne salemme anne.salemme@Dartmouth.EDU
Fri, 04 May 2007 14:43:40 -0400

where are the districts physically located relative to the headquarters, 
and where do you plan to locate the afs servers for each "domain"?

typically, for cells that span big geographical distances, you want to 
be sure that the cell database servers always stay up and in contact 
with each other.

i would imagine that you could put all the afs servers at the 
headquarters, and basically just use it as back end storage, with no 
access from clients outside the headquarters....is that what you have in 


Adnoh wrote:
> ok, I try to explain.
> we have several districts connected to our headquarter over a vpn.
> In every district we have ~50-150 windows-clients and a samba server ( all
> authenticating against a Win2003 Server with ADS)
> for their filestorage with an usb-hdd attached for backup purpose.
> In our headquarter we would have enough space to hold all the company data
> and backup.
> so i would have something like
> /afs/domain/dist1/data
> /afs/domain/dist2/data
> /afs/domain/dist3/data
> /afs/domain/shared/data
> where every district has it's own data folder and one volume where all the
> districts work together in.
> the backup should be done on a central place (our headquarter).
> so if somebody can explain me how you would build this scenario it would be
> really great for me to get started ;-)))
> thanks 
> Jason Edgecombe-3 wrote:
>> Adnoh wrote:
>>> hello @all
>>> maybe stupid question but I don't know it :-)
>>> i have two fileservers connected over a 2 mbit vpn (fs1 with rw-volume
>>> and
>>> fs2 with a ro-instance) and mounted that on /afs/domain/vol
>>> can I settup this that way:
>>> my users on fs1 work with /afs/domain/vol - rw + ro - thats clear to me.
>>> when my users on fs2 read a file it should be taken from the ro-instance
>>> on
>>> the internal harddrive and if they change anything it is written to
>>> fs1-rw-instance !? on my try i get only the error "readonly filesystem"
>>> can this be done or do i have to setup a mountpoint /afs/domain/.vol
>>> (-rw)
>>> and point the users to that directory !?
>>> thanks for any responses to help me getting started
>> The typical scenario is as follows:
>> /afs/domain/volume is the read-only copy if it exists.
>> /afs/.domain/volume is always the read-write copy. <-- note the 
>> /afs/<dot>domain This is referred to at the "dotted" path.
>> writing to the read-only path of /afs/domain/volume will get the error 
>> "read-only filesystem". To write, you must use the path
>> /afs/.domain/volume
>> If you are doing lots of writes, then having the volume replicated may 
>> not be the best thing.
>> What is the usage model for this volume?
>> Jason
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