[OpenAFS] cyrus with storage in afs?

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Mon, 21 May 2007 09:23:32 -0700

Hello, all.

We (hcoop.net) currently have Courier working using Maildirs stored in
afs (OpenAFS client, OpenAFS server).  It's working quite well, except
for the fact that courier's authentication mechanism is extremely
kludgey and required a good bit of hacking in order to make it utilize
pam_afs_session properly.  Even so, our final solution relies on
non-PAG-based (ie UID-based) token management, which is something I do
not like relying on.

We're looking at possibly moving to cyrus if we can have it use AFS
for storage.  The Cyrus FAQ, however, says:

  > Cyrus was designed to use a local filesystem with Unix semantics
  > and a working mmap()/write() combination. AFS doesn't provide
  > these semantics so won't work correctly.


Is this still the case, or does this refer to problems specific to
older versions of Transarc/OpenAFS?  If not, could anybody point me to
more detail on how interleaved mmap() and write() have different
semantics on AFS than they do on most other filesystems?

Thanks much,

  - a

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