[OpenAFS] UFS logging on Solaris - could this cause volumes to go offline and salvager to dump core

Andrew Cobaugh phalenor@gmail.com
Fri, 2 Nov 2007 09:18:35 -0400

I can't find any reference to UFS logging on Solaris past 2004 in the
archives (unless I'm not looking hard enough). Is it safe to turn on
logging on ufs under Solaris these days?

Reason I ask is I have one or two volumes that will randomly go
offline, or fail to vos backup or move. Just yesterday my homedir
volume went offline, and subsequent attempts to salvage the vice
partition resulted in salvager dumping core. After the 3rd attempt it
finally succeeded in reattaching the volume.

This seems to occur regardless of what vice partition the volume is
on, ruling out disk issues (and my disks are mirrored across separate
controllers), and I don't see anything to indicate disk problems to
that end.

I am running Solaris 10 update 2 with OpenAFS 1.4.4. I wish I could
attribute the volume offline-ing and salvager problem to logging
(which I will turn off if that turns out to be a problem).

I have the core dump and the output from SalvageLog from one run where
it dumps core, and the final run where it succeeds here:


Andy Cobaugh