[OpenAFS] RHEL5 kmod packages require explicit kernel version?

Jonathan Reed jdreed@MIT.EDU
Mon, 5 Nov 2007 13:28:58 -0500

I suppose that's true, but I'd wonder how many sites actually have  
that setup these days, and of those sites, how many have users who  
have root on the workstations thus allowing them to shoot themselves  
in the foot in such a manner.  I'd speculate that the number is lower  
than the number of people who might try to install openafs in the  
time between when RHEL releases a kernel update and Openafs releases  
the corresponding kmod.  I could be wrong, however.

The right answer I suppose would be for yum to install openafs-kernel- 
source if a kmod package is not available, but I suspect that goes  
beyond the abilities of yum, at least in its standard configuration.


On Nov 5, 2007, at 1:07 PM, David Howells wrote:
> If you don't have the explicit requirement, then you can get the  
> situation
> where someone does an upgrade and reboots and then their box  
> doesn't work any
> more because they don't have an AFS module for their newly running  
> kernel and,
> say, /usr is stored on AFS.
> David