[OpenAFS] Building kernel modules for Fedora 7

Charles Karney ckarney@sarnoff.com
Thu, 08 Nov 2007 11:51:13 -0500

The 1.4.5 release of OpenAFS includes kernel modules for versions

However there are two more recent kernel versions

(1) Is it possible to include modules for these versions (i686) on the
1.4.5 release page.

(2) I notice that there's an RPM-build-notes posted with instructions
for how to build modules.  However it leaves out a discussion of what I
find to be the most common case: I've just installed an updated kernel
and BEFORE I reboot I would like to build and install the corresponing
OpenAFS module.  How do I specify a kernel other that the current one
with rpmbuild?

Also the discussion in RPM-build-notes presupposes a familiarity with
the process of building RPM files -- a familiarity which I, for one,
don't have.  It would be great if RPM-build-notes could be supplemented
by a "cookbook recipe" to follow.  Something along the lines of

    Ensure SRPM for openafs is installed, if not
        rpm -Uhv openafs-1.4.5-fc7.1.src.rpm

    yum update kernel kernel-devel
    cd <somewhere>
    rpmbuild ... openafs.spec
    rpm -ihv <somewhere-else>/kmod-openafs-...
    depmod xxx (?)

I recall seeing this in some E-mail on this list a year or so ago.
However, it would be better to include the information on the release


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