[OpenAFS] MS Word crashing when opening files, 1.5.27 client

ENEM | Hans Melgers hans@enem.nl
Mon, 26 Nov 2007 16:18:24 +0100

I dont thing the problem is in the afs client. We found this problem only o=
ccurs when opening a file that already has been opened by another user. We =
upgraded to office 2003 and it takes alot of time before word gives any res=
This only seems to happen on the "original" pc's, when trying from our own =
pc everything works fine, word opens in read-only mode but that doesnt happ=
en on these pc's ?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are also running the n=
etware client. Are there any known issues with this setup ? Should we run a=
fs before netware ? Maybe check some settings ?

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Please follow the debugging section of the OpenAFS for Windows Release Note=
s.  In particular, use the SysInternals' Process Monitor to log the request=
s from Word so that you can determine which requests are failing with 1.5.2=
7 that succeed with 1.5.25.

One change that went into 1.5.27 is support for retrying requests when the =
file server responds to the client with EWOULDBLOCK / EAGAIN.  In prior rel=
eases the client would simply fail the request.  In 1.5.27 the client retri=
es the request every two seconds up to 45 seconds until the request complet=
es or the timeout is reached.  In the trace log it is the
cm_Analyze() messages will include the error number.  Possible error number=
s to look for include:

  UAEAGAIN      49733386L
  EAGAIN              11L

Jeffrey Altman

Hans Melgers wrote:
> Hello,
> We just installed some XP machines with the latest 1.5.27 afs client. 
> On several of them Word crashes badly when trying to open a .doc file 
> on afs.  Most of them running office XP but also seen on office 2003.
> I run 1.5.25 and havent seen the problem. Could this be a bug in the 
> latest win client ? acl's are ok. Server is 1.4.4 on freebsd 6.2 
> Anyone else seeing this behaviour ?
> In Filelog i only see some callback issues:
> Wed Nov 14 10:56:32 2007 CB: ProbeUuid for failed 
> -01 Wed Nov 14 10:57:11 2007 CB: ProbeUuid for 
> failed -01 Wed Nov 14 10:58:08 2007 CB: ProbeUuid for 
> failed -01 Wed Nov 14 10:58:18 2007 CB: ProbeUuid 
> for failed -01 Wed Nov 14 11:01:25 2007 CB: 
> ProbeUuid for failed -01
> Any help appreciated.
> Hans