[OpenAFS] MS Word crashing when opening files, 1.5.27 client

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Wed, 28 Nov 2007 03:14:04 +0100

If the files are truly intended for read-only use, store them in a
directory that provides only 'rl' access to the end users or store them
in a .readonly volume.   In both of those cases the AFS Cache Manager
knows that the user cannot obtain a lock on the file and will issue one

Jeffrey Altman

Hans Melgers wrote:
> I understand, but probably most files are used as templates so that
> wouldnt be a problem in this case.
> What still puzzles me is why this doesnt work on those pc's with such a
> standard application as MS Word. (is there a more standard application
> in the pc world ?)
> Could it be a legacy from the novell client ? Never any problems when
> they used that. I also noticed that some are running  XP home edition,
> does that make any difference ?
> There must be something causing this. Maybe somebody else seen the same
> problem ?
> Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>> If you set that value to 0, then winword will start but two users on
>> different machines will be able to open the file at the same time.
>> Doing so will corrupt the file if both decide to write to it.
>> Jeffrey Altman
>> Hans Melgers wrote:
>>> Thanks Jeffrey.  The older version was in the early stages, we found it
>>> also happens with 1.5.25.  On some pc's this happens, on others it doesnt.
>>> So the problem is in winword trying to obtain a lock indefinitely.
>>> What do you recommend ? is there any (registry) setting that does this ?
>>> Would this be a solution ? I mean, would winword accept and act on
>>> changing this setting to 0 ? :
>>> If the CIFS-AFS server is unable to renew the AFS file server locks,
>>> then it will invalidate the associated file handles.  This is the same
>>> behavior that an application will experience if it was using a Windows
>>> File Share and the connection was broken.   Invalidating the file
>>> handles prevents subsequent data corruption from taking place.
>>> If you wish to disable the acquisition of locks from the file server,
>>> this can be performed using the EnableServerLocks registry value.
>>> Value: EnableServerLocks
>>> Type: DWORD {0, 1, 2}
>>> Default: 1
>>> Determines whether or not the AFS file server is contacted for
>>> 0: never obtain server locks
>>> 1: obtain server locks unless the file server says not to
>>> 2: always obtain server locks
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