[OpenAFS] Status of Windows Vista openafs ?

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Sat, 15 Sep 2007 23:36:15 +0200

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John Tang Boyland wrote:
> I have been strongly recommending my students install OpenAFS
> on their home computers, but none has been able to get OpenAFS
> to work on Windows Vista.  Apparently the latest version of
> Kerberos For Windows 3.2.1 doesn't include the AFS functionality,
> (the AFS tabs don't appear etc)
> but 3.2.0 "locks up" if it is used instead.  I apologize for the
> imprecise bug reporting (I don't have a Windows machine myself),
> but I was wondering whether anyone has been able to get OpenAFS
> 1.5.21 to work on Windows Vista with MIT KfW.  Perhaps there
> are some installation instructions that we missed?
> Is there some required order of installation?  Does an AFS plugin
> have to be explicitly installed?  How is that done?

I just can tell, I=B4ve got no problem with the msi files from the websit=
on my vista business pro laptop.
First I installed OpenAFS (right now 1.5.24 - yes, I know the problems
with that version, but it works) with custom options (set our cell as
standard and no DNS entries, no dynroot) and other options standard.
After that reboot, install krb5 3.2.1 from the MSI and start that manager.
After that I select options and set the options, restart OpenAFS and I
could obtain tokens and tickets and can access our cell.
And yes, it worked with OpenAFS 1.5.21, to.
And with ALL my krb5 3.2.1 installation the AFS tab was available but
not needed. We use automatic logon within OpenAFS so no AFS functions in
krb5 needed so far.
I suggest you should try it your own and see what fails.

> Regards,
> John Boyland

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