[OpenAFS] AFS/OpenAFS incompatibilities ?

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Sun, 23 Sep 2007 10:56:52 -0400

Hi Xavier,

I haven't done this conversion, so please take my words with a grain of
salt. ;)

I would recommend setting up a new temporary fileserver running 1.4.4.
Move a few sacrificial volumes over to the new fileserver to test things.

After you are satisfied with the test server working properly, slowly
convert all of your fileservers to 1.4.4. After the fileservers are
done, you'll probably need to upgrade all of the db server at once. 
This will mean a service outage for the whole cell. After you fully
upgrade to 1.4.4, it's recommended to start using kerberos 5 for
authentication and disable kaserver, if you haven't already migrated to
kerberos 5.

I did some digging and found the following slides about migrating from


Xavier Canehan wrote:
> I am in the process of upgrading our AFS cell.
> 3 afsdb servers are AFS 3.6, on AIX old servers (getting rid off),
> 11 fileservers are OpenAFS 1.2.13, Solaris 9 (migrating OpenAFS and OS
> version).
> Clients vary from AFS 3.6 on AIX 4.2 to OpenAFS 1.4.4 on Solaris 10, but the
> vast majority is OpenAFS 1.4.1 on Scientific Linux 4.
> . afsdb upgrade :
> In order to upgrade afsdb, I removed today an AIX box cleanly, installed a
> 1.4.4 OpenAFS bos using solaris 9 and pushed it in production, using the
> same name.
> As I tried to be smart, in order to avoid CellServDB manipulations on our
> whole farm (hence reboots) I played with "fs setpreferences" to higher the
> level of the changed vlserver. Then I got reboots.
> Fileservers and volservers seem to communicate correctly, but Linux clients
> get stuck on several volumes at random then reboot. I could not get a trace
> until now.
> I'm going back right now : decommissioning the new solaris box and
> re-setting the old AXI box up.
> Are you aware of incompatibilities between mentioned versions ?
> Do you spot any Big Stupid Mistake I made ?
> Should I upgrade each db servers as closely as possible to avoid version
> discrepancies ?
> . fileserver upgrade :
> First step as been to stabilize versions on all the fileservers and OS.
> As we had 1.2.13, It seemed a good step.
> Should I upgrade fileservers, then afsdb servers ? I went the other way, it
> seem a bad idea.
> Any advice welcomed !
> X. Canehan