[OpenAFS] Changing the hostname of AFS server

dave first linux4dave@gmail.com
Wed, 3 Dec 2008 13:47:57 -0800


I am new to AFS.  I have inherited an old, crusty, but functional
Transarc AFS cluster of three servers running on Solaris 5.8.
Unfortunately, the hardware has become unstable.  I have installed
OpenAFS server on Linux which communicates with the old AFS service.

My goal is to migrate all the AFS services to the new Linux OpenAFS
server which would then become the primary server.  I have a few
hurdles to overcome before I can do that.  One hurdle is that my
knowledge of AFS is minuscule, but growing. I've barely scratched the

My question for today is:  How integrated into OpenAFS is the server's
hostname?  Our Linux server name needs to be changed - easy enough to
do on Linux, but what needs to be updated in AFS?  My assumption is
that as long as I touch all the correct config files, and restart the
service, all will be happy.  Is that correct?

Since this server also talks with the old AFS server, I would need to
update the configuration on that as well.

Any advise or pointers would be most welcome!  I am sure I'm not the
first one to travel this migration path - so any of you who have "been
there, done that" please chime in!