[OpenAFS] Changing the hostname of AFS server

Esther Filderman mizmoose@gmail.com
Thu, 4 Dec 2008 13:13:17 -0500

On 12/3/08, dave first <linux4dave@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>  I am new to AFS.  I have inherited an old, crusty, but functional
>  Transarc AFS cluster of three servers running on Solaris 5.8.
>  Unfortunately, the hardware has become unstable.  I have installed
>  OpenAFS server on Linux which communicates with the old AFS service.

Congratulations!  It's a cell!

>  My goal is to migrate all the AFS services to the new Linux OpenAFS
>  server which would then become the primary server.  I have a few
>  hurdles to overcome before I can do that.  One hurdle is that my
>  knowledge of AFS is minuscule, but growing. I've barely scratched the
>  surface.

Don't worry. I've been doing this for 20 yrs and I'm still learning. :-P

>  My question for today is:  How integrated into OpenAFS is the server's
>  hostname?  Our Linux server name needs to be changed - easy enough to
>  do on Linux, but what needs to be updated in AFS?  My assumption is
>  that as long as I touch all the correct config files, and restart the
>  service, all will be happy.  Is that correct?

The server hostname is used in keeping track of where volumes live.
The identification in the VLDB - the Volume Location DataBase -
includes the name of the server (and partition) of each volume.

The easiest way to change the name of a server that's already serving
AFS volumes is:
 - get a full listing of all the volume names on the servers
 - shut down the AFS server processes
 - rename the machine
 - restart the AFS server processes
 - run "vos changeloc" on every volume on the server

This will tell the VLDB, "Hey, those volumes you have listed as being
on machine FOO? they're now on machine BAR."

>  Since this server also talks with the old AFS server, I would need to
>  update the configuration on that as well.

Nope, you don't have to change a thing on the old server.  All
information is maintained in the VLDB -- so you don't have to change
information on each server.

The only exception is when you're changing names/ip addresses for
"database servers" -- the machines that run the VLservers and the
PTservers. (If you're still running a KAserver, I
stronglystronglySTRONGLY urge you to move to a Kerberos5
implementation asap.)  In that case, you will need to change the
CellServDB file(s) on all servers, and restart the server processes.

Good luck,